EF In Conversation with Reid Hoffman on Blitzscaling

By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

On 9 November 2018, Entrepreneur First welcomed LinkedIn Co-Founder, Greylock Partner and EF Investor Reid Hoffman to London for a special event to celebrate the launch of his new book Blitzscaling.

The event featured a fireside chat between Reid and EF Co-Founders Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck.

Full Conversation

Episode Highlights

What is Blitzscaling?

How Blitzscaling Works Outside Silicon Valley

What is it like to Blitzscale as a Founder?

How to be a Business Model Nerd

How to Blitzscale an Enterprise Company

How To Think About Margins & Costs in a Blitzscaling Environment

How To Manage People When Blitzscaling

How To Make Fast Decisions with Limited Data

How to Be An Ethical Pirateā€¦Not A Sociopath

How Entrepreneurs Should Think About Market Size

Why Competition Is The Main Driver of Blitzscaling

Is Being The First Mover Always an Advantage?

How I Decide which Founders to Back

Why Reference Checking is the Best Way to Hire People

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